Koetschan et al. (2010) NAR 38:D275-9
Selig et al. (2008) NAR 36:D377-380.
Schultz et al. (2006) NAR 34:W704-7.
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ITS2 3D structure
(Keller et al. 2010)

Chlorophyta hypertree

(Buchheim et al. 2011)
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  • Mark A. Buchheim, Alexander Keller, Christian Koetschan, Frank Förster, Benjamin Merget, Matthias Wolf (2011):
    Internal transcribed spacer 2 (nu ITS2 rRNA) sequence-structure phylogenetics: Towards an automated reconstruction of the green algal tree of life
    Plos One 6(2):e16931
  • Robert R. Junker, Curtis C. Daehler, Stefan Dötterl, Alexander Keller, Nico Blüthgen (2011):
    Ant-flower networks 1 in Hawai'i: nectar-thieving ants prefer undefended native over introduced plants with floral defenses
    Ecological Monographs (in press)
  • Roland Schwarz, William Fletcher, Frank Förster, Benjamin Merget, Matthias Wolf, Jörg Schultz, Florian Markowetz (2010):
    Evolutionary distances in the twilight zone - a rational kernel approach
    PLoS One 5(12):e15788
  • Benjamin Merget, Matthias Wolf (2010):
    A molecular phylogeny of Hypnales (Bryophyta) inferred from ITS2 sequence-structure data
    BMC Research Notes 3:320
  • Frank Förster, Matthias Wolf (2010):
    ITS2-Update - Die ITS2 Datenbank als Werkzeug
    GfBS news 24:26-27
  • Ralph O Schill, Frank Förster, Thomas Dandekar, Matthias Wolf (2010):
    Using compensatory base change analysis of internal transcribed spacer 2 secondary structures to identify three new species in Paramacrobiotus (Tardigrada)
    Organisms Diversity and Evolution 10(4):287-296
  • Alexander Keller, Matthias Wolf, Thomas Dandekar (2010):
    Ribosomal RNA phylogenetics: the third dimension
    Biologia 65(3):388-391
  • Michael W. Ruhl, Matthias Wolf, Tracie M. Jenkins (2010):
    Compensatory base changes illuminate morphologically difficult taxonomy.
    Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 54(2):664-9
  • Eberhard Hegewald, Matthias Wolf, Alexander Keller, Thomas Friedl, Lothar Krienitz (2010):
    ITS2 sequence-structure phylogeny in the Scenedesmaceae with special reference to Coelastrum (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae), including the new genera Comasiella and Pectinodesmus
    Phycologia 49(4):325-335
  • Alexander Keller, Frank Förster, Tobias Müller, Thomas Dandekar, Jörg Schultz, Matthias Wolf (2010):
    Including RNA Secondary Structures improves Accuracy and Robustness in Reconstruction of Phylogenetic Trees
    Biology Direct 5(1):4
  • Torben Friedrich, Christian Koetschan, Tobias Müller (2010):
    Optimisation of HMM Topologies enhances DNA and Protein Sequence Modelling
    Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology 9(1):6
  • Christian Koetschan, Frank Förster, Alexander Keller, Tina Schleicher, Benjamin Ruderisch, Roland Schwarz, Tobias Müller, Matthias Wolf, Jörg Schultz (2010):
    The ITS2 Database III - sequences and structures for phylogeny
    Nucleic Acids Research 38:D275-9
  • Ulf Sorhannus, Joseph D. Ortiz, Matthias Wolf, Martin G. Fox (2010):
    Microevolution and speciation in Thalassiosira weissflogii
    Protist 161(2):237-249
  • Martin Wiemers, Alexander Keller, Matthias Wolf (2009):
    ITS2 secondary structure improves phylogeny estimation in a radiation of blue butterflies of the subgenus Agrodiaetus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Polyommatus)
    BMC Evolutionary Biology 9(1):300
  • Matthias Wolf, Jörg Schultz (2009):
    ITS better than its reputation
    Science (E-Letter, 10 December 2009)
  • Paavo Ahvenniemi, Matthias Wolf, Mari J. Lehtonen, Paula Wilson, Malgorzata German-Kinnari, Jari P.T. Valkonen (2009):
    Evolutionary Diversification Indicated by Compensatory Base Changes in ITS2 Secondary Structures in a Complex Fungal Species, Rhizoctonia solani
    Journal of Molecular Evolution 69(2):150-63
  • Jörg Schultz, Matthias Wolf (2009):
    ITS2 Sequence-Structure Analysis in Phylogenetics: A How-to Manual for Molecular Systematics
    Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 52(2): 520-3
  • Julia C Engelmann, Sven Rahmann, Matthias Wolf, Jörg Schultz, Epameinondas Fritzilas, Susanne Kneitz, Thomas Dandekar, Tobias Müller (2009):
    Modeling crosshybridization on phylogenetic DNA microarrays increases the detection power of closely related species
    Molecular Ecology Resources 9:83-93
  • Alexander Keller, Tina Schleicher, Jörg Schultz, Tobias Müller, Thomas Dandekar, Matthias Wolf (2009):
    5.8S-28S rRNA interaction and HMM-based ITS2 annotation
    Gene 430(1-2):50-57
  • Matthias Wolf, Benjamin Ruderisch, Thomas Dandekar, Jörg Schultz, Tobias Müller (2008):
    ProfDistS: (Profile-) Distance based phylogeny on sequence - structure alignments
    Bioinformatics 24:2403-2404
  • Alexander Keller, Tina Schleicher, Frank Förster, Benjamin Ruderisch, Thomas Dandekar, Tobias Müller, Matthias Wolf (2008):
    ITS2 data corroborate a monophyletic chlorophycean DO-group (Sphaeropleales)
    BMC Evolutionary Biology 8:218
  • Christian Selig, Matthias Wolf, Tobias Müller, Thomas Dandekar, Jörg Schultz (2008):
    The ITS2 Database II: homology modelling RNA structure for molecular systematics
    Nucleic Acids Res 36:377-380
  • Philipp N Seibel, Tobias Müller, Thomas Dandekar, Matthias Wolf (2008):
    Synchronous visual analysis and editing of RNA sequence and secondary structure alignments using 4SALE
    BMC Res Notes 1: 91
  • Thomas Pröschold, Philipp N Seibel, Matthias Wolf, Annette W Coleman (2008):
    ITS-2 as universal barcode for protists
    Algal Culture Collections 2008 An International Meeting at the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP), Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory, Dunbeg, Oban, United Kingdom; June 8-11 (abstract).
  • Matthias Wolf, Christian Selig, Tobias Müller, Nicole Philippi, Thomas Dandekar, Jörg Schultz (2007):
    Placozoa: at least two
    Biologia 62(6):641-645
  • Tobias Müller, Nicole Philippi, Thomas Dandekar, Jörg Schultz, Matthias Wolf (2007):
    Distinguishing species
    RNA 13(9):1469-1472
  • Jörg Schultz, Tobias Müller, Marco Achtziger, Philipp N Seibel, Thomas Dandekar, Matthias Wolf (2006):
    The internal transcribed spacer 2 database--a web server for (not only) low level phylogenetic analyses
    Nucleic Acids Res 34:704-707
  • Philipp N Seibel, Tobias Müller, Thomas Dandekar, Jörg Schultz, Matthias Wolf (2006):
    4SALE-a tool for synchronous RNA sequence and secondary structure alignment and editing
    BMC Bioinformatics 7:498, Spanish version 7:498
  • Susanne Schmitt, Ute Hentschel, Sven Zea, Thomas Dandekar, Matthias Wolf (2005):
    ITS-2 and 18S rRNA gene phylogeny of Aplysinidae (Verongida, Demospongiae)
    J Mol Evol 61(1):148-150
  • Matthias Wolf, Marco Achtziger, Jörg Schultz, Thomas Dandekar, Tobias Müller (2005):
    Homology modeling revealed more than 20,000 rRNA internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) secondary structures
    RNA 11(11):1616-1623
  • Matthias Wolf, Joachim Friedrich, Thomas Dandekar, Tobias Müller (2005):
    CBCAnalyzer: inferring phylogenies based on compensatory base changes in RNA secondary structures
    In Silico Biol 5(3):291-294 03
  • Susanne Schmitt, Ute Hentschel, Sven Zea, Thomas Dandekar, Matthias Wolf (2005):
    ITS-2 and 18S rRNA gene phylogeny of Aplysinidae (Verongida, Demospongiae)
    J Mol Evol 60(3):327-336
  • Jörg Schultz, Stefanie Maisel, Daniel Gerlach, Tobias Müller, Matthias Wolf (2005):
    A common core of secondary structure of the internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) throughout the Eukaryota
    RNA 11(4):361-364
  • Mark Buchheim, Julie Buchheim, Tracy Carlson, Anke Braband, Dominik Hepperle, Lothar Krienitz, Matthias Wolf, Eberhard Hegewald (2005):
    Phylogeny of the Hydrodictyaceae (Chlorophyceae): Inferences from rDNA data
    J Phycol 41(5):1039-1054
  • Lothar Krienitz, Eberhard Hegewald, Dominik Hepperle, Volker A R Huss, Thomas Rohr, Matthias Wolf (2004):
    Phylogenetic relationship of Chlorella and Parachlorella gen. nov (Chlorophyta, Trebouxiophyceae)
    Phycologia 43(5):529-542
  • Matthias Wolf (2004):
    The secondary structure of the ITS2 transcript in Cyclotella and Stephanodiscus (Thalassiosiraceae, Bacillariophyta)
    Diatom Res 19(1):135-142
  • Eberhard Hegewald, Matthias Wolf (2003):
    Phylogenetic relationships of Scenedesmus and Acutodesmus (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae) as inferred from 18S rDNA and ITS-2 sequence comparisons
    Plant Syst Evol 241(3-4):185-191
  • Matthias Wolf, Wolfram Scheffler, Andreas Nicklisch (2002):
    Stephanodiscus neoastraea and Stephanodiscus heterostylus (Bacillariophyta) are one and the same species
    Diatom Res 17(2):445-451
  • Marc Gottschling, Hartmut H Hilger, Matthias Wolf, Nadia Diane (2001):
    Secondary structure of the ITS1 transcript and its application in a reconstruction of the phylogeny of Boraginales
    Plant Biology 3(6):629-636

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